Save Money

How much can we save you? There are many good companies to do a liquidation sale,but some have hidden costs. Here are some of the hidden costs.

Signs & Banners – $500-$1,000
Prizes Contest $1,000-$2,000
Person to Run Contest Desk $0-$500 Weekly

We save labor by using price charts instead of marking down the items. We are only close 1-2 days to get ready for the sale, compared to 3-4 for other companies.

If the sale is extended, most likely I make less than my other weeks, while in other companies, the consultant makes more.

In addition, I will run craigslist ads and set up text messages to let the customers know the price reductions at no additional cost for you.
Unlike the big companies, we are a small business just like you. I have been doing this since 2003 and have done sales in over 25 states and a wide range of retail stores.

Call DWS at 1-800-771-5119 or text Jerry at 210-810-6537 for more info.