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Selecting the Right Liquidation Company

There are plenty of good companies that will get you a good return on your retail store closing sale. Finding the right one for you is doing a little homework. I know some owners like to talk to others who had a sale, but just because that person was happy, they may have different goals for the outcome of the sale. The other issue is if you have a different consultant, they may do some things differently.

Talk to companies to see which fit your personality and desired outcomes. Getting the most return is not the only goal for many store owners.

Some companies talk about their experience. What matters is the knowledge and experience of your consultant. In a large company, the experienced consultants go the largest sales. Many times, you are getting a new retail liquidation consultant. In the small retail liquidation company that I work for, everyone is experienced and done dozens of sales.

You should look at all costs in making your decision. Pricing is not everything, but with some companies the additional costs besides the weekly fee can be a significant amount of money. Some companies charge for signs/ banners and a travel fee for the liquidation consultant. You may have to buy prizes for a contest and have someone manage the contest desk.

I understand everyone wants your business, but they need not put down others to make people choose them. I get paid based on sales and one company makes the comment that we are too busy watching the back door, so I don’t miss any sales. My job is to maximize the owner’s revenue, keep expenses at a minimum and reduce stress.

Another company mentions how he went into doing this after seeing his Dad make a costly mistake by having a company do a liquidation sale based on cost instead of substance. His website is nice and everything else is strong enough to get him plenty of sales.

What he does not mention that him and his Dad did liquidation sales for the costly mistake company after his Dad’s liquidation sale. Also, his Dad continued to do sales for this company even after he started his own business. That is a strange reaction doing sales for a company if they did such a bad job. He should only talk about his differences from the other liquidation companies instead of things that are not true.

Whenever I see another company doing a store closing sale while traveling; I check it out. I am always looking for new ideas to improve myself, even though I have been doing sales since 2003.

Here are the things I believe that are important in doing a liquidation sale. The store straightening should be a high priority along with pricing. Advertising is critical to keep new customers visiting the store. I have 1-2 ads less than most consultant saving the retail store owner money without effecting the sales. Keeping the store to look full even when picked over.

I am hands on Retail Liquidation Consultant and will assist in the merchandising and straightening of the store. Also, I place Craigslist ads for the sale and have a text message sign-up to keep customers informed of the sale prices at no charge to you.

DWS Retail Sales does not charge you for signs, banners, or a travel fee. There are no prizes to buy and consultant is free to run the sale instead of being busy adding points or manning the contest desk.

If you would like to find out more about Jerry doing a sale for you, call 1-800-771-5119. I may be busy since often I do liquidation sales back to back, but it just depends. I have been quoted in many large publications and the Wall Street Journal did an article on me.

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