Press Release Coverage for Your Store Closing

Get free coverage for your sale, by contacting local newspapers, radio and TV stations. I send a brief email explaining about store going out of business, time in business, the time frame of liquidation and contact name and phone number. You do not get 100% success rate, but many of my clients have received free exposure from multiple sources with huge results. If you do an interview, do not mention the discount % unless 33% or more.

If no response, follow up with an email. I like to send the emails a few days before the sale starts. I look for a specific person to send the email, but if I do not see one use the general email address.

How to Conduct Going out of Business Sale Free Report 10 Tips Successful Liquidation Sale Get the Most Money for Your Retail Store Quickly with Less Stress Hi, I am Jerry an Independent Contractor with DWS Retail Sales. I am a retail store liquidation consultant conducting sales since 2003.

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