Keys to Successful Liquidation Sale

The key to a successful liquidation sale is following a plan of action that will create a shopping frenzy and keep the momentum going. Unfortunately, most owners managing their sale takes many more weeks, a lower rate of return and more leftover in merchandise and fixtures. Most store owners with an inventory cost of $100,000 […]

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Planning Store Closing Sale

The first key to a successful liquidation sale is proper planning. This is the most important element that will determine how successful or ultimate failure for the liquidation sale. All the planning for the liquidation sale should be done before you begin along with options in case things go wrong. You should have two additional […]

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Advertising for Store Closing Sale

You must advertise to keep the momentum of the sale going. I always do the SMS texting along with a newspaper or radio ad plus Craigslist. I prefer newspaper advertising over the radio because you can get great results with one newspaper ad. The ad should be created weekly and 1/4 -1/8 page. The top of […]

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