Advertising for Store Closing Sale

You must advertise to keep the momentum of the sale going. I always do the SMS texting along with a newspaper or radio ad plus Craigslist. I prefer newspaper advertising over the radio because you can get great results with one newspaper ad. The ad should be created weekly and 1/4 -1/8 page.

The top of the ad has going out of business or store closing in large print follow by the discount amount and in smaller print at bottom the store name, hours and address. The ad is in Black & White unless Color is free.
Radio ads need constant exposure with mentioning the business name and address several times and only one theme because of limited radio time.
Craigslist is a great way to get the message out about your sale. I use it for fixtures and selling merchandise once the discounts get large enough, normally 33% off or more. For higher end fixture items such as shelving, list them in other cities up to two hours away.

The key is not to get your ads ghosted or flagged. Post up to three new ads daily. Always have different headlines, and the first sentence needs to be different. Often, I will use the headline as the first sentence. Vary the times of the day, you post the ads and renew all ads every 48 hours. Have at least one picture per ad, but you can have up to 24. I never put the phone number, just the address of the retail business.

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