Retail Liquidation Company- Store Closing Sale

At last! The truth about Retail Liquidators — Revealed!”

June 7, 2020

Dear Store Owner,

If you’d like to Maximize Revenues, Minimize Expenses and Reduce Stress, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Experience Liquidator who has been quoted in many major publications and featured in a Wall Street Journal article.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Been doing liquidations since 2003 for two different companies.

Reason two: Quoted in USA Today, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and many more.

Reason three: Done store closing sales in 28 states

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

1) We work on a commission and base fee

 It benefits both parties for the maximum in sales.

2) Do not have games and contests.

 Do not have to hire a contest desk person or buy prizes.

3) Advertises with the minimum size ad to produce results

 Saves you money with advertising

4) Text Message prices to customers

 Free advertising that is seen right away by shoppers

5) Email Fixture List to buyers who are interested

 Free to you that helps sell fixtures to other businesses.

6) My nickname is Nostradamus

 Can predict what is going to happen based on your decisions

7) Remerchandises daily

 Keeps store looking full increases sales and reduces theft

8) Handles all pricing decisions

 You can blame any customer complaining about price on me

9) Done about 50 Hardware store liquidations

 Knows how to get the most for all your inventory and fixtures.

10) List items on Craigslist

 Sells merchandise and merchandise at no additional cost.

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

DWS Retail Sales conducts retail liquidation sales that normally last 1.5-2.5 months with inventories of $200,000 or more. Hardware Store Liquidations are our most common store closing sale, but we have done a variety of sales in many different fields.

Don’t take my word for it.
Listen to what our owners say.

• Testimonial:

After 50 years in business we decided to have a Retirement/Closing Sale.

We had heard and wittnessed a closing sale done by DWS Retail Sales, Inc..
We made the call and talked to Mr. Del Stortzum, the owner. He answered all our questions on the phone and sent a packet to us in the mail. We wanted the sale to start as soon as possible.

DWS had a plan, calendar time table and a consultant ready to arrive in one week. The DWS consultant took care of everything and all we had to do was greet and be interviewed by TV and newspaper journalists. Free advertising on news hour programming, honoring Pope’s Hobbyland 50 years run.

The DWS consultant handled all fixtures and shelving sales. We said thank
you and greeted our customers for the last shopping spree. The sales were
great and fast.

We highly recommend DWS to handle your sale with confidence and trust.
Thanks DWS!!!
Warren & Audrey P. – Wisconsin

• Testimonial:

Jerry was wonderful to work with from even before the sale started. Jerry was incredibly responsive to our inquiries and provided suggestions based on our inventory mix, clientele, labor available, etc. This was my first liquidation sale to work through and he made things much, much easier.

Jerry could competently delegate projects to store staff through and outside of the management team to ensure a high level of engagement throughout the sale. Jerry summarized, on a regular basis, upcoming questions, moves, and recommendations in a tidy email to myself and the store owner. We’d highly recommend using Jerry and DWS in the future to anyone who would have to go through this process.

John S. – Wisconsin

• Testimonial:

A huge “Thank You” for a very memorable successful “Retirement Sale”!
Keith and I wanted to retire, needed to retire, but both of us were scared
to death. Del came over to our hardware store, fighting traffic on the
Fourth of July weekend. He was full of great ideas, took hundreds of pictures,a lot of morale support and much more. I called Del many times
for professional advice and a lot of personal caring too!

A few weeks later, Jerry appeared for almost 2 months of hard work.
We thought it would be total chaos, but “Jerry knew everything”! After
5 days of preparation, “it all broke loose”.

Jerry wrote all the advertisements for the newspapers, radio and handouts. He knew what percentage to do when, he just knew everything. Jerry arranged merchandise for the best sale and did the “dirty work” of taking bids for large displays, shelving, machinery, etc..

We reached our monetary goal, plus MORE! It all ended so perfect!
Jerry was impressed with the love and caring among our employees. He
will always remember our “group love hugs” at the end of every day.

We will never forget Jerry and we are sure he will never forget the Miller’s at Danville, Ohio and group love hugs. God Bless and thank you so very much!

2 weeks after closing, a surprise retirement party for us was attended by
almost everyone in and around Danville.
Keith & Barb M.- Ohio

• Testimonial:

I knew that I did not know how to execute a liquidation sale so I hired DWS. After the sale I have the following thoughts to pass on to others.

• Once the sale begins it is important to keep the community excited about coming in and buying. I saw the DWS consultant in action to keep things moving. Daily sales slowed and he knew when to take action and what action to take to keep momentum and maximize sales.

• When we as owners enter into a liquidation we know all about selling our product, but not liquidation. We do not know what we do not know! Having a leader who has personally done liquidations fifty times before me makes things go smoothly and in a predictable time frame. If the schedule would have not been met then I would have had large financial consequences. It is hard to imagine what could go wrong until you have brushed past it obstacles with a huge sigh of relief.

• We as owners do not take into account our emotions that will be involved in destroying a store that we have tried so hard to make work. Also our employees have the same feeling of loss. We all have to think of our financial futures. These emotions clutter our ability to be at our sharpest during the liquidation.

What about fatigue? This is a time when we have never worked harder physically. We hurt in the evenings and have to sustain this for 30-45 days. This further affects our ability to do something new like a liquidation.

• I had a full time job before the liquidation began! Not to mention family! Having DWS onsite every day enabled me to do what I had to and not worry about pushing daily sales.I helped all I could but I did not have an extra 50 hours per week to “be a working leader”of the sale. I never thought of the constant re-set involved in making the remaining items sellable.

In summary, I am extremely thankful for DWS. It was perhaps the best money I ever spent in retailing.
Paul H.-Georgia

• Testimonial:

This note is long overdue. We closed our store in Sept 2018 with the invaluable help of Jerry Robertson.

He was incredibly organized. Sold every one of our fixtures. Definitely deserves a gold star!. Thanks again, we couldn’t have done it on our own.
Tony and Barbara Karner
Swiss Plaza Hardware & Gifts Inc

Warning: Do NOT Hire any Retail Liquidation Company
unless it meets the following 6 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

 Retail Liquidation Consultant spens his entire time on selling your merchandise.

 Liquidation Consultant is the only person who sells your fixtures.

 Creates the proper advertising at the minimum price

 Retail Liquidator is experienced and has backup plans for the unexpected.

 Knows how to deal with employees, management and shoppers during the sale.

 Retail Liquidation Consultant is organized.

Retail Liquidation Consultant- Hardware Store Liquidation



Retail Store Liquidation!

Jerry knows the right day to lower prices to keep the momentum of the sale going. He knows how to work for a single on-site owner or a company that has multiple stores.

Jerry was an experienced drug store manager who managed 10 stores in 15 years and up to 65 employees.

DWS Retail Sales is different from many other retail liquidation companies. The liquidation consultants have done many sales and are flexible with the store owners.

When you first get started, I share the plan of getting the store closing sale off to a quick start while controlling your expenses. Will discuss with you the best pricing options and when to implement these changes to keep the sales momentum going.

We will discuss the right price for store fixtures, advertising involved and how to get them out of the store before the going out of business sale ends. This leaves you with less to worry about once I have completed the sale for your retail business liquidation.

Will use the last week of the sale to get rid of the poor selling remaining inventory and put more money in your pocket. While they need advertising for a successful sale, I have learned how to minimize your expenses in that area.

Nine Common Myths About Retail Liquidators

 I can save a lot of money doing the sale myself, but knowing how to manage a store closing sale is full of potential issues.

Perhaps, but unlikely. Even with fees, hiring a store closing liquidation company will put more money in your pocket, save you time and definitely reduce the stress of conducting a going out of business sale.

 The going out of business liquidators are not qualified-

Most of the consultants with store liquidation companies were a retail store manager or former store owner for many years. I specialized in hardware, hobby, gift and Hallmark stores. In a large company, the store closing consultant does all kinds of sales and does not have the extensive experience I do especially doing hardware store liquidations.

The time the retail store liquidation company has been in business is important.

What matters most is the experience the going out of business consultant has in conducting store closing sales. Larger Store Closing liquidation companies are constantly hiring and you are more likely to end up with a liquidation consultant with less experience. Experienced retail liquidation consultant like myself(Featured Wall Street Journal) can put additional money in your pocket, and reduce expenses and stress if you follow their plan.

Auctions are the best way to liquidate a store.

It is if you don’t like money and just want to close your retail business. I can manage retail Liquidations in 60 days or fewer most times with a much larger rate of return.

Going out of Business Liquidators that work on percentages are more concerned watching everything go thru the register.

This one is laughable. The only concern I have about the register is to make sure your employees handle the discount properly and do not undercharge the customer. The same company that posts that myth, their liquidation consultant gets an extra 30% to their pay for any extra weeks of the sale. Unfortunately, some sales take a little longer. I have on occasions extended a sale a few days without the owner having to pay an additional base fee, unlike other retail liquidation companies.

 Flat fees are better than percentage fees.

It depends on the sale. Flat fee sales could run additional weeks. Many retail store owners do not have what they think in inventory and pay less in percentage sales and if they have more, they are glad to pay a few pennies on the dollar.

Having a prize contest generates a lot more sales.

I have worked for a company that used the prizes and one that does not. The additional revenue generated by the prize contest does not equal the cost of the prizes and the cost to hire a contest desk person or have the consultant spend a lot of time keeping up with the contest.Prize contest works better for running a promotional sale to liquidate old inventory and gain new customers

.Everything will sell at half off-

You will sell a lot of merchandise by the time the sale is thru the half off pricing. The key to a successful store closing sale is to maximize revenues for the remaining inventory. Inventory the day after the sale ends is not worth much and sometimes cost you money to clean it up and move it. The merchandise sold after half off is more than the cost of a liquidation company to run the sale. This is the hardest part for some store owners to understand and failure to do so will not result in having a successful going out of business sale.

Cost matters during the sale-

It matters until the 1/2 off pricing starts. At that point, if it is not selling, the only thing that matters is what someone will pay to liquidate that inventory.If you wait too long, you will not sell the inventory or at a much deeper discount.

Three Short Store Closing Case Studies

DWS scheduled a busy hobby store for an 8-week sale during the winter in a cold climate. We finished 3 weeks early even with all the snow. There was no paid advertising besides the initial postcard mailing.

Conducted a sale for a hardware store liquidation that the aisles were so packed with merchandise only 1 person could get down the aisles. They were looking for 250,000 and we not only exceeded that goal easily but ended two days earlier.

Conducted another hobby store liquidation sale that was looking for $175,000 and we exceeded that goal by over 10% and closed 5 days earlier.

In summary, here’s what you need to do:

Use our contact form to give us more details or text Jerry at 210-810-6537 or call DWS Retail Sales at 1-800-771-5119

You can’t lose with our guarantee

You can cancel the contract on the Monday after the sale has started if you are not satisfied.

To your success,

Jerry Robertson- Retail Liquidation Consultant

P.S. Jerry has done over 90 sales in 28 states

P.P.S. Jerry has been quoted in major publications and Wall Street Journal did an article on him.

P.P.P.S. Our retail liquidation does not involve contest and ganes while saving you money.

P.P.P.P.S. Most of our pricig when the sale starts is 13% off instead of 20% off unlike most companies.

P.P.P.P.P.S. We use pricing charts saving a lot of time every time there are additional discounts.