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Jerry has a lot of experience as a retail liquidation consultant. His primary purpose is getting the most revenue for your store. Here are a few reasons to let a liquidation sale expert manage your sale:

1. Jerry has been managing retail liquidation sales since 2003. He has managed going out of business sales for two professional liquidation firms. He uses the experience from both companies along with his online marketing experience to maximize revenues for the retail store owner.

2. He will provide for you at no additional cost a website and create an email list to advertise to during the sale. In addition, Jerry will create a SMS( text messaging list) to communicate with the customers during the sale. Of course, this is included with the price of the sale.

3. Jerry ( Retail liquidation consultant) knows how to use Craigslist effectively to sell your merchandise and fixtures. He knows the best times and categories to post while avoiding getting ads flagged or ghosted.He has done sales that have over 40 ads running at the same time.

4. Jerry has done sales in a variety of retail stores including: hardware, hobby, gift store, hallmark, bike shops, and more.

5. My three main goals for the store owner is to maximize revenues, minimize expenses and reduce stress level for the business owner. Every store closing sale has its unique challenges that I always have a plan that will work.