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Using a Liquidation Company to Manage Your Store Closing Sale

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You are wasting your money in using a professional retail liquidation company to manage your store closing / going out of business sale. They will give you suggestions, but you decide you know better or are a control freak, save your money and do the sale yourself. You probably will not be happy with the result, but diluting the results by deciding you know more than the consultant is a formula for disaster.
You should follow their suggestions at least 95% of the time, if you want great results.

I had done a sale recently that was a referral. The store owner who referred me had excellent results and the sale ended early. This owner followed my suggestions 100%. The other owner was a control freak and ignore my suggestions constantly. It was so bad, one of his main employees emailed him wonder why he used us, since he ignored our advice. This employee also told him that everything that I said was going to happen did. We did better in this sale than I thought, but the sale should have ended a week early and with more money in his pocket. The owner had an unrealistic value on some of his fixtures and the ones I told him the price was too high did not sell.

Most of my sales are with fantastic owners who use my experience of 13 years to get the most for their inventory and fixtures. It is a retail store owner’s best interest to manage their own sale if they are a control freak or will not listen to suggestions.


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