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Six Things to Know About a Retail Liquidation Company

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If you decide to hire a retail liquidation company to manage your store closing sale, what should your requirements be?

1. Decide if you want a consultant on site the entire time or just at the beginning of the sale.

2. How much experience the consultant has? The large companies may have been around a long time, but they are constantly hiring new consultants. Experience Retail Liquidation Consultant will minimize your expenses and stress while getting the best results for your inventory and fixtures.

3. How much will it cost you? You need to know about the additional costs of running the sale. All of them will want you to advertise, but what about additional costs for signs, banners, contest prizes and paying someone to run the contest desk.

4. How long will the sale take? In some companies, it is extremely beneficial for the consultant to add an extra week to the sale.

5. How do they sell your fixtures?

6. Find out who your consultant would be and talk to other retailers who used them for their sale.

Once you select a retail liquidation company, follow their advice. I can tell you from personal experience the ones who follow the plans have the best results and the ones who change things have poorer results.

How to Liquidate a Retail Business

http://liquidateyourstore.com How to liquidate a retail business https://youtu.be/ZPjgrgereE4 https://youtu.be/jrV8pJ3MfBI Get tips on how to conduct a store closing sale. You will find articles and suggestions on our website to make your going out of business sale more successful. If you rather have a retail liquidation company do your sale, see our info below.


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