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Proper merchandising increases sales and reduces theft. You want to make your store look full. First, you spread stuff out once you sell out of an SKU. After that, you condense aisles to make them tight. Do not move an entire aisle up when condensing, but be creative and take a section at the end of the aisle to move up and reduce the number of items to be moved. It does not need to be perfect, as long as you have like items in the same area.

As the sale goes along, merchandise at eye level, This means emptying top shelves and pegs and the bottom. If you do not have enough for the endcaps, move the items up. Eventually, I get rid of the back endcaps and use the space for big merchandise or fixtures.

I take the empty pegs and throw them in boxes. Normally, I do not separate by sizes, because they get messed up. I put all the empty shelves together normally on the Walls because they sell slower than the shorter gondolas.

Check daily to make sure everything has a price and to put merchandise back on the shelf.

Fee-based upon performance Don’t pay extra for prizes, signs/banners and employees taking care of contest desk

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