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Getting Traffic for Your Store Closing Sale

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To keep traffic visiting your store, you must have a strategy that you are constantly working. The key is to maximize your traffic which will increase your return. There are a variety of ways to keep traffic coming to your store closing sale. I have listed a few below:

1. Craigslist is an excellent option and it is free. List products that show the best values for the customers and have pictures. Do two-three new ads daily and renew old ads every 48 hours.Do not list or renew all your ads at the same time. Must have different titles and copy in the ad or you risk getting flagged or ghosted.

2. Capture the contact info of the customers by email, text message or physical address. Contact them every time there is a price reduction. I would send a postcard or letter to your list when the discount is 1/2 off.

3. Banners and window signs show that the store is closing and once the discount hits 1/3 off show the discounts on your windows, banners or reader boards.

4. Advertising in the local radio, newspaper or free guide. The items must show value to the customer or the response will be poor. I like to advertise high gross margin items that are low dollar items to get customers to the store. The ad has one purpose only. It is to
get people inside your retail store.

These four methods are a good start to driving traffic. There are other methods that can be effective such as Facebook or Twitter if you have an active page.


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