DWS Retail Sales Liquidation Review

You must advertise to keep your sale going. I always do the SMS texting along with a newspaper or radio ad plus Craigslist. I prefer newspaper advertising over the radio. The ad should be done weekly and 1/4 – 1/8 page.
The top of the ad has going out of business in large print follow by the discount amount and in smaller print at bottom the store name, hours and address. The ad is in Black & White unless Color is free.

Radio ads need constant exposure with mentioning the business name and address several times and only one theme because of limited radio time.

Craigslist is a great way to get the message out about your sale. I use it for fixtures and selling merchandise once the discounts get large enough. For higher end fixture items such as shelving, list them in other cities up to two hours away.
The key is not to get your ads ghosted or flagged. Post up to three new ads daily. Always have different headlines, and the first sentence needs to be different. Vary the times of the day, you post the ads and renew all ads every 48 hours. Have at least one picture per ad, but you can have up to 24.

Here are some of the common myths I hear from retail store owners and liquidation firms.
I can save a lot of money doing the sale myself. Perhaps, but unlikely. Even with fees, hiring a liquidation company will put more money in your pocket, save you time and definitely reduce the stress of conducting a going out of business sale. The length of time the liquidation company has been in business is important. What matters is the experience the consultant has in conducting store closing sales. Larger companies are constantly hiring and you are much more likely to end up with a liquidation consultant with less experience. Most of the companies doing store closing sales have a great process to liquidate your store, but the experienced consultant can put additional money in your pocket, and reduce expenses also.

Auctions are the best way to liquidate a store. It is if you don’t like money and just want to close your business. Retail Liquidations can be done in 60 days or less in many cases with a much larger rate of return.

Liquidation companies that work on percentages are more concerned watching everything go thru the register. The only concern I have about the register is to make sure your employees ring the discount properly and do not undercharge the customer. The same company that posts that myth, their liquidation consultant gets an extra 30% to his pay for any extra weeks of the sale. Unfortunately, some sales take a little longer. I have on a few occasions extended a sale a few days without the owner having to pay an additional base fee, unlike other liquidation companies Flat fees are better than percentage fees. It depends on the sale. Flat fee sales could run additional weeks. Many retail store owners do not have what they think in inventory and actually pay less in percentage sales and if they have more, they are glad to pay a few pennies on the dollar.

DWS Liquidation program along with my additional extras busts all of these myths. I have done dozens of liquidation sales since 2003 and have seen great results with many retail stores in a variety of industries. Here are three short case studies: Busy hobby store was scheduled for an 8-week sale during the winter in a cold climate. We finished 3 weeks early even with all the snow. There was no paid advertising besides the initial postcard mailing.

Conducted a sale for a hardware store that the aisles were so packed with merchandise only 1 person could get down the aisles. They were looking for 250,000 and we not only exceeded that goal but ended two days early. DWS has a sale guarantee. If you don’t like this program for any reason, you can cancel the contract the first Monday morning after the sale starts.

I have some additional bonuses for you when I conduct a sale. I managed an email and text message marketing campaign at no additional charge. This has been extremely effective in generating revenue. In addition, I post a large Craigslist campaign that will help sell your fixtures and merchandise. I can’t wait for you to experience all these things yourself. To find out how we can help you, text or call Jerry at 210-810-6537 There is no obligation to use our services.I really want you to win during the last days operating your retail store.

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