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Selling Merchandise at End of Going out of Business Sale

One of the biggest mistakes store owners make at the end of a going out of business sale is getting rid of the last remaining inventory. It could be they believe everything will sell at 50% off. You will sell a lot of that price, but slowly the sales will trickle down to nothing. Many owners have a hard time selling items below cost. This is understandable while running your business, but at the end of a store closing sale, costs should not matter. The only thing that matters is how much you...

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Ending Your Store Closing Sale

About 7-10 days before the end of the sale, I set the date for the last day. Here are a few topics to consider the last few days of the sale. 1. You need to have a plan for leftover merchandise and fixtures. I get a scrap person for leftover fixtures. The last few days I sell merchandise in bulk as needed. I try to get the customers to make the initial offer when possible. 2. Need to contact customers to pick up empty fixtures. You will have to follow up with some to get them gone in a timely...

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