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8 Tips to Selling Fixtures

Advertise on craigslist using the for sale / business section. Have pictures of each fixture along with the price. I have one ad listing all my fixtures and others with individual fixtures for sale. I will list in nearby cities that are within two hours of your retail store.

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Ending Your Store Closing Sale

About 7-10 days before the end of the sale, I set the date for the last day. Here are a few topics to consider the last few days of the sale. 1. You need to have a plan for leftover merchandise and fixtures. I get a scrap person for leftover fixtures. The last few days I sell merchandise in bulk as needed. I try to get the customers to make the initial offer when possible. 2. Need to contact customers to pick up empty fixtures. You will have to follow up with some to get them gone in a timely...

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Pricing Tips to Start Going out of Business Sale

Here is the strategy that I use for pricing to start the sale. 1. Most items are 13% to start the sale. Many liquidation companies start at 20% off. You will increase your sales and return on the sale by starting at 13% provided you follow the other tips. 2. Clearance, discontiued and out of season merchandise is 50% off. 3. I have several items at 22% off and 33% off. I pick high gross low ticket items for these discounts. If you just have bad items with the additional discounts, it will...

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Keep Your Retail Store Looking Full

One of the keys to a successful sale is to keep your store looking full. While the store may be picked over, you want to give the appearance of having a large selection. This needs to be done daily. Here are eight tips to consider. 1. Pull empty tages and pegs and fill the holes with other items. 2. Keep stuff at eye level. Pull down merchandise that is too high and raise stuff on the bottom shelf or row of pegs. 3. When you can no longer fake, move merchandise together in an aisle. Do not move...

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Running a Going out of Business Sale During Emotional Time

Customers remembering old times can be hard to handle at times.Someone else needs to decide the action plan during the sale and the owner to approve them. In addition, many owners are attached to their inventory and is tough to reduce the price when needed.

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8 Tips to Craigslist Advertising

Have an ad in the "General" section that lists all your ad prices for your merchandise. Have one ad that list all your fixtues and the rest with individual ads.

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3 Tips for Dealing With Employees During the Sale

Keeping employees motivated is harder the further you can along in the sale. Productivity will go down unless, you stay on top of it.

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15 Things to do Before Your Going out of Business Sale Starts

The days to start your sale should be Wednesday or Thursday. You should make a guideline on how long the sale will last, but adjust if needed.

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