Press Release Coverage for Your Store Closing

Get free coverage for your sale, by contacting local newspapers, radio and TV stations. I send a brief email explaining about store going out of business, time in business, the time frame of liquidation and contact name and phone number. You do not get 100% success rate, but many of my clients have received free […]

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Pricing for Going out of Business Sale

Most stores have a discount of 20% off or more to start the sale. I price about 90% of the merchandise to start the sale with a discount of 13% off. My best sale did over $150,000 with this discount resulting in $10,500 additional dollars in their bank account by using 13% off instead of […]

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Myths about Store Closing Sale

Here are common myths I hear from retail store owners and liquidation firms. I can save a lot of money doing the sale myself. Perhaps, but unlikely. Even with fees, hiring a retail liquidation consultant will put more money in your pocket, save you time and definitely reduce the stress of conducting a going out […]

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Signs / Banners Going out of Business Sale

igns and banners are your silent salespeople. You should have a large sign or banner in your window” Going out of Business Sale”. It should be at least 3 x 8. Some other signs you need are as follows: All Sales are Final. Fixtures & Equipment For Sale. SMS ( Text Message) Sign for people […]

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Text Messaging / Social Media Marketing for Store Closing

If you have a facebook page for your business, take advantage of it for the sale. You should list when the sale starts, your discounts, and videos showing the merchandise you carry. Do not take pictures of empty shelves later in the sale and post them on your Facebook page. You want to give the […]

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Special Events for Store Retail Liquidation Sale

Special Events are an excellent way to bring more traffic to your store. There are many special events to choose. Here are a few that would be great for a liquidation sale without a lot of work. Charity Event- It could be simple as kids selling burgers for their school etc or it could be […]

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Keys to Successful Liquidation Sale

The key to a successful liquidation sale is following a plan of action that will create a shopping frenzy and keep the momentum going. Unfortunately, most owners managing their sale takes many more weeks, a lower rate of return and more leftover in merchandise and fixtures. Most store owners with an inventory cost of $100,000 […]

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Planning Store Closing Sale

The first key to a successful liquidation sale is proper planning. This is the most important element that will determine how successful or ultimate failure for the liquidation sale. All the planning for the liquidation sale should be done before you begin along with options in case things go wrong. You should have two additional […]

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Advertising for Store Closing Sale

You must advertise to keep the momentum of the sale going. I always do the SMS texting along with a newspaper or radio ad plus Craigslist. I prefer newspaper advertising over the radio because you can get great results with one newspaper ad. The ad should be created weekly and 1/4 -1/8 page. The top of […]

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