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There are a variety of ways to using during the store closing sale. You can use email, direct mail and text messaging to keep customers informed of what is happening during the sale.

I have found from experience that I get about 8-10 subscribers to text messaging per subscriber to email. Generally, I used the direct mail marketing to out of town customers, once the sale hits 1/2 off.

Every time, I change the store pricing on many items I send a text message. If the store closes by 8, I send it shortly after closing, otherwise next morning before opening. If the store is closed Sunday, I generally send out the new prices Sunday afternoon.

You should never send out more than two messages weekly. Since you have a limited amount of characters, the message is brief. Here is an example:

Most items 33-50% off. M-F 8-6 Sat 9-5
(Store Name)

How to Conduct Store Closing Sale

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If you decide to hire a retail liquidation company to manage your store closing sale, what should your requirements be?

1. Decide if you want a consultant on site the entire time or just at the beginning of the sale.

2. How much experience the consultant has? The large companies may have been around a long time, but they are constantly hiring new consultants. Experience Retail Liquidation Consultant will minimize your expenses and stress while getting the best results for your inventory and fixtures.

3. How much will it cost you? You need to know about the additional costs of running the sale. All of them will want you to advertise, but what about additional costs for signs, banners, contest prizes and paying someone to run the contest desk.

4. How long will the sale take? In some companies, it is extremely beneficial for the consultant to add an extra week to the sale.

5. How do they sell your fixtures?

6. Find out who your consultant would be and talk to other retailers who used them for their sale.

Once you select a retail liquidation company, follow their advice. I can tell you from personal experience the ones who follow the plans have the best results and the ones who change things have poorer results.

How to Liquidate a Retail Business

http://liquidateyourstore.com How to liquidate a retail business https://youtu.be/ZPjgrgereE4 https://youtu.be/jrV8pJ3MfBI Get tips on how to conduct a store closing sale. You will find articles and suggestions on our website to make your going out of business sale more successful. If you rather have a retail liquidation company do your sale, see our info below.

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Retail Store Fixtures Liquidation

Liquidating your retail store fixtures to get the best return during a store closing takes an organized plan and execution. Fixtures that teachers can use or would go nice in someone’s garage or home are the easiest to sell.

The first rule is that one person should handle all fixture sales. This makes it easier knowing what is for sale and reduces the chances of selling the same fixture twice.

When the person in charge of fixtures is not present, the other employees should get the customer’s name, phone number and what fixtures they are interested in. Make a simple form and leave plenty at the registers. There should be sheets made to list all the fixtures for sale.

The week before the liquidation sale is the best time to walk the retail store to list and priced fixtures. Labeling the fixtures will make it easier to find the price quickly when a customer shows interest.

The sheet should list the number of the fixture, description, selling price, quantity and a space to mark it being sold. It is best to keep this sheet in a binder near the front of the store or by the registers.

All fixtures sold should be listed in a receipt book with at least two copies. The label or dot should be marked sold. Do not allow the customer to pick up the fixture until it is cleared. I would make an effort quickly as possible to clear it, but do not destroy your store for them to take the fixture home on the spot if you still need it.

Do not wait until the end of the sale to allow customers to pick up all the fixtures, otherwise some people will not show up in time. Do not list any fixtures sold until you collect all the money from the customer. If they want to put a down payment, require the rest of the money quickly or you may never see them again and be stuck with that fixture.

In order to price retail store fixtures, you need to know the cost or what they are selling at other stores, eBay, Craigslist or anywhere else you can find them. The higher demand items, you can get 50-70% of cost, while many items sell for 33-50% of cost.
The best place to advertise your fixtures would be for store owner’s in the same industry. After that, you should place small classified ads in a large newspaper in the area.

I would also post this ad in Craigslist with pictures in nearby large cities especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Keep posting the fixture ads every two or three days in Craigslist.

As merchandise sells down, work all the empty retail store fixtures together in the back of the store. It would be wise to list the price also to save the person handling fixtures time.

In today’s business climate, If you try closing your store and any of these areas are done in a haphazard way, you can either lose thousands of dollars by selling off to quickly or not fast enough and in either case you lose money or have a great deal left at the end.

8 Tips to Selling Fixtures

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First, you want to have a banner announcing you will be conducting a store closing sale. In addition, you should mention your sale on Craigslist.
The main part is to have a postacrd or letter sent out to let people know about your sale.

It should be brief mentioning when sale starts and your business name and address. It should mention discounts up to 1/2 off. Everything is on sale and there will be prizes.
The prizes can be 2-4 $25 gift certificates from your store. it will work even better if you mention in the postcard or letter, this is a private invitation.

I prefer postcards, but letters will work also. The postcard is cheaper to send and you can use a targeted mailing list or EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

The key is to create a shopping frenzy and to capture the email, physical address or cell phone to keep in touch with these customers during the sale.

Retail Store Closing – Liquidation Company

Call Jerry / Del 1-800-771-5119 http://dwsretailsales.com Fee based upon performance Don’t pay extra for prizes, signs / banners and employees taking care of contest desk Retail Sales Review * Companies Consulting * Liquidation Sales How To Conduct A Going Out Of Business Sale For Your Retail Business Going Out Of

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You are wasting your money in using a professional retail liquidation company to manage your store closing / going out of business sale. They will give you suggestions, but you decide you know better or are a control freak, save your money and do the sale yourself. You probably will not be happy with the result, but diluting the results by deciding you know more than the consultant is a formula for disaster.
You should follow their suggestions at least 95% of the time, if you want great results.

I had done a sale recently that was a referral. The store owner who referred me had excellent results and the sale ended early. This owner followed my suggestions 100%. The other owner was a control freak and ignore my suggestions constantly. It was so bad, one of his main employees emailed him wonder why he used us, since he ignored our advice. This employee also told him that everything that I said was going to happen did. We did better in this sale than I thought, but the sale should have ended a week early and with more money in his pocket. The owner had an unrealistic value on some of his fixtures and the ones I told him the price was too high did not sell.

Most of my sales are with fantastic owners who use my experience of 13 years to get the most for their inventory and fixtures. It is a retail store owner’s best interest to manage their own sale if they are a control freak or will not listen to suggestions.

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To keep traffic visiting your store, you must have a strategy that you are constantly working. The key is to maximize your traffic which will increase your return. There are a variety of ways to keep traffic coming to your store closing sale. I have listed a few below:

1. Craigslist is an excellent option and it is free. List products that show the best values for the customers and have pictures. Do two-three new ads daily and renew old ads every 48 hours.Do not list or renew all your ads at the same time. Must have different titles and copy in the ad or you risk getting flagged or ghosted.

2. Capture the contact info of the customers by email, text message or physical address. Contact them every time there is a price reduction. I would send a postcard or letter to your list when the discount is 1/2 off.

3. Banners and window signs show that the store is closing and once the discount hits 1/3 off show the discounts on your windows, banners or reader boards.

4. Advertising in the local radio, newspaper or free guide. The items must show value to the customer or the response will be poor. I like to advertise high gross margin items that are low dollar items to get customers to the store. The ad has one purpose only. It is to
get people inside your retail store.

These four methods are a good start to driving traffic. There are other methods that can be effective such as Facebook or Twitter if you have an active page.

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