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8 Tips to Selling Fixtures

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1. Make a list of all your fixtures and equipment before your store closing sale starts.

2. Determine the selling price of each item. I set my retail price and the minimum price for each store fixture. The best ways to determine the price is to use Craigslist, ebay, websites selling used fixtures or taking a 5 of the cost. You cannot always go by online pricing, because I saw an item we sold for $3500 listed for $500 on Craigslist. If I use cost for the retail price, it is normally 25 – 50% of cost.

3. Advertise on craigslist using the for sale / business section. Have pictures of each fixture along with the price. I have one ad listing all my fixtures and others with individual fixtures for sale. I will list in nearby cities that are within two hours of your retail store.

4. Call local businesses or send them a short letter with what you have for sale.

5. Placing small classified ads in your local newspaper or weekly paper can generate interest.

6. Combined office supplies and store use items in a box and put them out for sale. It is easier and you will get more money than selling the small items individually.

7. Set up your shelving price by determing how many feet on each gondola and setting a price. Generally, I sell a four foot section with a base and two shelves for $40-$50. Extra shelves are $5 each.

8. The most important thing is to have one person to sell fixtures and to keep track.Selling fixtures in a large store can be a full-time job. It is easy to double sell a fixture without a plan and careful record keeping.


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