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6 Tips For Creating a Press Release for Your Going out of Business Sale

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Press Releases are a fantastic method to get a lot of customers to your going out of business sale for free. If you are in a small community, you may have to do nothing for the local newspaper to contact you. In a larger community, especially for TV coverage, sending a press release is the way to get results. Many of my store closing sales get multiple media coverage per sale.

Here are a few tips to give you a better chance of success.

1. Keep your press release short.Make it factual about your business and not promoting your sale. I do mention when the sale starts and the expected end date.
2. You need a catchy headline. If you have been in business a long time, using your store name with years in business is enough. For example, “Joes’s Business Closing After 42 Years”. If you bought the business and kept the same name count those years.
3. If possible, find a reporter’s contact information and send the press release to them directly. If not able to find, use the general email address of that publication or the feedback form. If you do not hear back from the reporter or company, follow up one time with adding additional information and changing the headline.
4. Put a little history into the press release. If you worked in this business at a young age, mention it. You will need a quote or two about what the business means to you or why you are closing the business.
5. The best time to send them are a few days before your sale starts to about a week before. It will drive plenty of traffic to your sale, the rest is up to you.
6. One last tip is needed before you send a press release. Make your store look as good as possible. If you have no more orders coming in, put the old tags and spread out the merchandise. You do not want potential customers to see a store that is low on merchandise.


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