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The picture above is from the fifth day of a recent hobby store sale. Running a store closing sale during an emotional time is tough for most owners. It is best in most cases to have a professional liquidation consultant handle the worry and stress and put more money in your pocket.We are different from many of the other liquidation companies.

Much of our fee is based upon performance. Unlike many of the big companies not constantly hiring new consultants every year. The consultants have been doing this for many years.

More Money in Your Pocket

Most items are 13% off to start the sale often adding $3,000-$5,000 to my clients pockets the first week compared to the firms that start at 20%.

Not Paying Thousand's for Extras

Do not pay for prizes, contest person salary, travel fees,signs, banners and once items reach 1/3 off have an outside banner to let customers know In addition send out a fixture card and email list to other businesses in the area at no additional charge. Those extra fees are several thousand additional dollars.

Let Jerry Maximize Your Revenues

Call Jerry or Del today to find out more how we can maximize your revenues, minimize your expenses and let us handle all the worrying about your retirement, store closing or going out of business sale.

Jerry 210-810-6537 or Del 1-800-771-5119